Goodbye Prospecting – Hello Business Growth! – Grow Your Warm Market

Goodbye Prospecting – Hello Business Growth!

I started my network marketing business almost 4 years ago. It was 2 years after my successful treatment for Stage 3 cancer and I knew my product had been a key component of my successful recovery. I felt an obligation to share it with my warm market – and anyone else who would listen…

Was I passionate?   YES!!!

Was I knowledgeable about my product?   YES!!!

Did I have a killer WHY and a heart-wrenching story?   YES!!!

Did I think this would be a slam dunk decision for EVERYONE I shared with?   YES!!!

Did I get 1000’s of instant orders, excited customers, and passionate team members?            Uh…. no   (crickets…)

You see, my “warm market” knew me as Julie, the successful corporate consultant and product manager, not the knowledgeable and healthy business owner. Who I was to them was a relic of who I had become. I could feel the divide and it felt so MASSIVE.

Sure, there were some friends and family who did buy products but, after the first shipment, many cancelled. I was pretty crushed and really questioning if I was cut-out for this networking marketing gig. I had started this business to HELP my friends and family, not ALIENATE them!

So I went to my upline for advice, “How can I grow my business?”

The answer I got was to talk with anyone and everyone I was in contact with – both offline and online. Share your passion! Plant a lot of seeds! Go for no!

“You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.”

Have you heard this, too?

Well, I am pretty sure you CAN say the WRONG thing to the RIGHT person and I was doing that all over my warm and cold market. Here are just a few examples….

Have you ever been so excited an amazing friend wants to learn about your product and possibly join your team that you talk AT HER for 45 minutes straight? At the end of my verbal tidal wave, my friend said, “Oh, I can see you are really passionate about this.” Later I realized that meant, “Thank God she stopped talking!”        guilty…

How about stopping your waitress at the end of a meal and telling her what great service she provided, then offering your card and really thinking she would call you?           uh, yep – that was me, too…

How about, during a massage (when you are really supposed to be relaxed), you spent the entire time stressed about how you would fit your product messaging and benefits into every crevice of available time. Then giving her your card – because she “said” she wanted it – only to have her dodge any attempt you make to contact her after that?     me again….



Not only was I doing this offline, but I was also doing this ONLINE. Reaching out to old friends with the main intent of getting them to buy my products.

It felt so YUCKY!

I felt like I couldn’t enjoy social situations, reconnecting with old friends, or meeting new friends because I was ALWAYS THINKING about finding an opening for my product or business story. Ugh!!!


Then I learned the SECRET to Superior Marketing

Successful entrepreneurs and networkers alike eventually learn the true secret to success and it becomes the foundation upon which their entire prospecting, recruiting and business building strategy is founded.

That secret being:


“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” – Theodore Roosevelt

Going back to my examples above, they were weak attempts from a new marketer (me – insert embarrassed emoji) – trying to figure out how the game worked. I hadn’t yet figured out that building a business is not about pummeling people with information or finding the right copy/paste FB messages to send to strangers.

It’s about actually caring about people, becoming a person of value and being someone uniquely positioned to help someone with their problems.

That last one is critical “uniquely positioned to help someone with their problems.”

So now the game isn’t about YOU and YOUR PRODUCT – it is all about the PERSON you are talking to – offline or online. What do they need? What are their challenges? Their desires? Only when you invest the sincere time to care about them will they be more interested in caring about you, what you are doing, and the business you are growing. They will WANT to reciprocate!

“But Julie,” you may ask, “what happens if they DON’T reciprocate? Will I have wasted my valuable time on a conversation over coffee?”

My answer?  Of course not.     (what?!?!?)

Truthfully, I have so many long-term customers and team members who I invested my time and heart into – who took months, if not years, to make a purchasing decision. I have found these customers and team members are more profitable and more dedicated than almost anyone who gave me an immediate “yes”. And, for those who never become customers? I’ve made an awesome friend and that is more valuable to me than any product sale!

So, at this point, I was becoming a skilled prospector and recruiter. I was being ME!!!! But, most importantly, I was giving VALUE to those around me – with a genuine, heart-led approach.

BUT (there’s always a “but”) the challenge with this approach, as you may have guessed, is my business was


I only had so many hours in the day and connecting with all my existing customers and generating new customers was a long process. So, I could either accept that I would take 50 years to promote in my company or…


When I Stopped Prospecting, My Business Started Growing

Rather than spending hours prospecting by cultivating 1:1 friendships over online conversations, commenting on Facebook posts, having coffee, or recruiting my family to help me spend hours cleaning our house so I could host a rocking home event, I learned how to legitimately get Facebook, and other networks, to actually help me attract the people who are most interested in what I have to offer, using their ads platform!

It’s like having 200 coffee dates, 100 lunches, and 50 home events – all while you’re sleeping or playing with your kids or on a date night with your sweetie! HALLELUJAH!!!

In fact, the mentor that taught me this approach, wakes up to an email inbox full of notifications for new leads, new customers, new team members and commissions he earned while sleeping!

This strategy is called ‘attraction marketing’, which is an internet marketing strategy designed for networkers and people in direct sales!

What I had been doing – using social media, sending private messages, commenting on people’s posts all day, meeting people for 1:1’s, hosting events – are all very ACTIVE things that take TIME.

recruiting with social media

Internet marketing is a PASSIVE strategy, which works, even when you are not.

If you want to learn how it works, I actually reveal the entire strategy I learned, in a free 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp available here.

You’ll also get more details about a book written by my mentor, Ferny Ceballos, which goes into the nuts n’ bolts of my recruiting & selling formula.

Now, if traditional prospecting online or offline is your thing and you want to stick to that, by all means, go for it.

There are many top trainers and earners in the industry who focus on cold market recruiting skills…

(And they do ‘attraction marketing’ too!)

For me, there was simply a certain way I wanted to live my life and that was more important.

Your existing warm market will ALWAYS be there and they are great long term candidates for your product or business but, wouldn’t it be AMAZING to not have to prospect at the next BBQ, school function, soccer game, or holiday party? Imagine going to a social function where you can just, dare I say it, be SOCIAL?

Because, the bottom line, is that it really all comes down to two choices…

A) Having your warm market friends and family watching your massive success and come to you, asking to join your rapidly growing business…


B) Watching your business creep along, concerned that some of those naysayers in your Warm Market may be on to something…

I choose A!!!


Julie Mulholland

Julie Mulholland

Julie Mulholland is a Professional Coach and Consultant specializing in Warm Market Growth. Her passion for helping others find the "secret sauce" to effectively grow their businesses, stems from her own journey of efficiently and effectively building her business while maintaining a corporate job. Julie is also a wife, mom to three great kids and two loveable dogs, a healthy living guru, a singer, and an outdoor enthusiast in the Colorado Rockies. As a 6+ year Breast Cancer Thriver, Julie intimately understands the importance of doing the work you LOVE and creating TRUE FREEDOM in your life. How can Julie help you achieve your goals and uncover more FREEDOM?

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