About Me – Grow Your Warm Market

Hello! I am so glad you’re here!

Hi, I’m Julie Mulholland, a Professional Coach and Consultant specializing in Warm Market Growth for your business. My passion is helping you find the “secret sauce” to effectively grow your businesses by ATTRACTING people who will be EXCITED to do business with you or join your team!

This stems from my own journey of trying to find the best way to efficiently and effectively build my business while maintaining a corporate job. I just didn’t have enough time to grow the “traditional” way – 1:1’s, 3 way calls, inviting to events, having “home parties”. Although connecting with new people and building out my warm market offline was really fun, I was having a hard time keeping all the balls in the air.

I kept hearing a lot of progressive 7 figure earners talk about “building online”. I had a successful Facebook personal page (I even grew my number of friends from about 150 to over 750). However, things were growing slower than I would have liked and I found myself, too many times, choosing between my family and my business. I also didn’t like having to be “on” all the time in social situations – feeling like I needed to bring up my business whenever there was slight opening. I was thinking about my business – ALL THE TIME!

I knew there had to be a better way.

Then I found it – Attraction Marketing! It made so much sense! I could share who I was online, create valuable content one time, and reach a lot more people – while I was awake, asleep, playing with my kids, skiing, or on vacation. This approach created both FREEDOM and VALUE. 

After learning this, I knew I needed to bring my expertise and passion online in a more deliberate way and, using my 20+ year career as a consultant working for some of the largest corporations in world, I turned my consulting expertise and ability to become an expert quickly to my true passion – growing businesses online to create more PERSONAL FREEDOM.

What Else About Me? 

I am a wife, mom to three great kids and two LOVEABLE dogs, a singer, and an outdoor enthusiast in the Colorado Rockies. As a 6+ year cancer thriver, I intimately understand the importance of doing the work you love and creating TRUE FREEDOM in your life.

How can I help you achieve your goals and find your FREEDOM?